Sunday, December 31, 2006

In Loving Memory of Sweet Anu

*Photo was not taken by me

I only knew Anu from her blog and the comments we shared back and forth with one another. Through this limited connection, this sweet young lady truly touched my heart. She had an amazing love for life that shined throughout her every word. Anu inspired me, because she was not afraid to show others who she really was inside. Who was she? Anu was an angel. I only wish I had the chance to speak with her more than I did.

May you forever be happy and at peace.

May you look over us with your sweet caring heart.

anu said...
Lonewolf - We amaze ourselves so much right, when we write from within. That voice is so magical. Imagine? if we are like that every wonderful our lives will be..for our real nature is so miraculous...we cannot even begin to comprehend.


Keshi said...

I didnt know Anu but a friend knew her. Then I went to her blog and read all the lovely poems. She's truly a beautiful angel on Earth. Now that she's gone, her memory will shine brightly forever. So many of her blogger friends have made memorial posts for her. It shows how much an angelic effect she had on her friends.

RIP Anu, ur beautiful!



she is such a beautiful person